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10 – Ten minute Tips to increase Productivity

At Trends team meetings we have a saying that goes around; “it’ll just take ten minutes.” While not a large amount of time, ten minutes can seem like a lifetime during a busy and hectic day. It’s not always easy finding some down time in which you could surprisingly be even more productive than you may have originally thought. Your…read more →

Data backups: what do you value?

Is backing up your data really all that necessary? The answer to that question depends on you. Data backup can be time consuming, especially if your information isn’t organized, and with so many files on our systems you may question what is the most valuable. We often ignore the most important reasons for doing a backup in the first place:…read more →

Encouraging website visitors to view more: Content Layouts that work

e scenario: you have just invested in your business by putting together a website and you are now tasked with filling your website with compelling content. Imagine that you have thought about content ahead of time and produced some wonderful copy and imagery, now what? Do you just copy and paste your content in and call it a day? By…read more →

Flood Relief for Southern Alberta business

The last two weeks have been an incredibly challenging time for many Southern Alberta business owners. The record breaking floods that raced from the mountains to Medicine Hat dislocated hundreds of businesses throughout the flood zone; some have been completely destroyed. Even our business, though untouched by the flood water, “went on pause” to deal with this enormous event. Most…read more →

Responsive Web Design for Your Business

One of the web’s hottest trends over the past few years is responsive web design (RWD). Over and over, as a business owner you have probably been urged to make your website accessible to mobile phones, and perhaps you have begun to equate the two. After all, both internet browsing on cellphones and RWD seem to have risen at the…read more →

Using QR codes

Everywhere we go, we are now confronted with QR codes.  It seems like the newest trend that every business has jumped on board with, yet most don’t know why.  Just the other day at the bank, I was handed a business card with a QR code on the front.  When I asked where the QR code would send me, the…read more →