3 Strategies to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 at 7:07 am

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A novel’s success is measured by its audience. The greatest pieces of literature have been read by millions, all intrigued by the words of the wise authors. Had these audiences never read the words, the content would still be of great quality. Much like novels, emails thrive on their audience. You can create unique, interesting and informative emails but they are only helpful if your customers are reading them.

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online advertising and it remains the most effective. Curating a large email list is only one step towards effective email marketing. Once you’ve achieved a great audience for your business it is time to retain loyalty and increase open rates.

These three simple strategies will help skyrocket your open rate and will leave your customers satisfied with your online presence.

1. Create Effective Subject Lines

What grabs your customer’s initial attention is important. Chadwick Martin Bailey stated that 64% of people say they open an email because of the subject line. With this statistic in mind, creating a subject line that is intriguing is key to having your email opened. When creating an effective email subject line, always keep in mind “what is in it for the customer?”. To convince someone to spend their time reading an email you have to provide them with something great. Here are some effective subject line formats to grab their attention:

Use Humour. If your subject line is funny your customers will feel they’re receiving entertainment. Providing comedic relief in an inbox full of advertising and spam is the best way to get your message seen above the rest.

Offer sales or discounts. This goes without saying, but saving money is important to everyone. Your customers might just open your email to save a couple bucks.

 Provide tips and ideas. Free knowledge goes a long way, it not only increases your customers likelihood to open the email again but creates credibility for your business. Giving your readers something for free with no end game will increase trust and establish a strong relationship.

2. Send Less Emails

Keeping your readers in the loop is important but there is a fine line between appropriate contact and spam. An inbox flooded with emails from your company will leave a customer feeling annoyed. This will not only decrease your open rate but increase your unsubscribe rate. Furthermore, if your customers notice frequent emails from your company it will lead them to believe the content is not unique or helpful. Great emails take time and effort to curate while spam is created in minutes. The positive aspects of sending less emails outweigh the negative. Just like the update from a close friend of family, a rare email is more intriguing. When a customer sees an email from your business you want them to be interested in what is truly new. Respecting your customers time and inbox will ensure their loyalty online and gain their trust.

3. Create Quality Content

This goes hand in hand with sending less frequent emails. As mentioned above, spam takes minutes to create. Great emails take great consideration. Creating an email with quality content will stick with your readers. This is the most important strategy as it dabbles in the areas of consumer loyalty, brand credibility and the overall relationship between your business and your customers. If your readers feel they’ve wasted their time after reading an email you can be sure the next ones they receive will not be read. Taking the extra time and effort to create a great email will ultimately benefit your business and your consumers.

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