5 Ways to Take Your eCommerce Website to the Next Level

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 9:27 am

The world of online shopping has been growing at an astonishing rate since its inception in 1994. Today, studies show that almost 80% of people in the US have made an online purchase and 50% of people have made two or more online purchases. Furthermore, a survey by Statistica showed that more than 100 million people in the US regularly use their mobile devices to shop online. With such a big market it can be easy for eCommerce businesses to get lost in the shuffle… Read on for 5 strategies to get your eCommerce website noticed.

1. Responsive Design

These days, it’s not enough to have a website that looks good on a desktop computer screen or even a website that looks good on a desktop screen and a mobile phone. Your eCommerce website needs to look amazing on every possible device! Consumers purchase “…three times as often from a tablet over a smartphone” and “tablet shoppers will spend 50% more than desktop users on a purchase.” (https://www.readycloud.com/info/ecommerce-statistics-all-retailers-should-know) A website that has a responsive design will automatically resize to fit the user’s screen and function exactly how it’s supposed to on every device.

2. Plenty of Payment Options

The more payment options that you can offer, the better! According to an article by The Huffington Post, “50% of online shoppers would cancel their purchase if their preferred method of payment wasn’t available”. Accepting online payments on your eCommerce website is critical and offering a few payment choices will result in less customers abandoning their carts during the check out process.

3. Shipping Discounts

We’ve all been there… You find the item you’ve been searching everywhere for, the price is just right, you’re finally ready to check out and bam – it hits you! The price to have the item shipped to you costs more than the item itself. Don’t put your customers through the same emotional roller coaster ride. Make sure your shipping costs are competitive and stated clearly on your website. Even better, offer free shipping for orders over a certain value or shipping discounts when multiple items are purchased.

4. Great Customer Service

Believe it or not, “over 50% of shoppers say they would pay a higher price for the customer experiences they value most”. In this technological world of online shopping, the importance of good customer service should not be understated. There are likely many other stores where your potential customer could go to find an item similar to the one you are selling. Going above and beyond for your customers can give your brand a huge competitive advantage. Some examples of ways that you can achieve this are: offering special birthday discounts, using first names in email communications, responding to questions in a timely manner and sharing customer photos on your social media platforms (with permission, of course).

5. Beautiful Aesthetics

We’re probably all aware that cookie cutter websites are a dime a dozen nowadays. Make your online store stand out by using stellar graphics, intuitive navigation and optimized loading times. Did you know that 40% of users will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load?

This is where we at Trends Mobile and Web Solutions can help. Our team of experts can help you design an eCommerce store that not only catches the eye but is easy to shop and will keep your customers coming back time and time again. All of our eCommerce website packages include basic SEO, responsive design and quick load times. Contact us today to find out more!

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