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5 Ways to Take Your eCommerce Website to the Next Level

The world of online shopping has been growing at an astonishing rate since its inception in 1994. Today, studies show that almost 80% of people in the US have made an online purchase and 50% of people have made two or more online purchases. Furthermore, a survey by Statistica showed that more than 100 million people in the US regularly…read more →

5 essential plugins every WordPress website needs

WordPress is made up of a combination of both themes and plugins working together to create a website. Some themes come pre-installed with plugins, and some plugins are made to work for certain themes. Usually, a plugin is chosen to achieve or expand upon a function of your theme. This function could be a pop-up, contact form, an ecommerce shop,…read more →

Website statistics: use your web analytics to improve your business

Imagine if you can, a time before the Internet, when businesses had to manually collect data by physically asking customers how they found them or by counting coupons or vouchers they received back from a promotion in order to gauge how successful it was. Basing important business decisions on this data was a little risky because the demographics wouldn’t necessarily…read more →

Why is a Responsive Website important?

Our previous article ‘What is a Responsive Website?’, provided an explanation of the different terms used to describe responsive and mobile websites, but why is a fully responsive website so important? Let’s look at some statistics. Subscriptions made through mobile devices grew by 10% over 2014, which increased the total of all subscriptions made through a mobile device to 22,000,000….read more →

Encouraging website visitors to view more: Content Layouts that work

e scenario: you have just invested in your business by putting together a website and you are now tasked with filling your website with compelling content. Imagine that you have thought about content ahead of time and produced some wonderful copy and imagery, now what? Do you just copy and paste your content in and call it a day? By…read more →