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The rise of “mCommerce” – mobile shopping – is making mobile access to your online store critical. Smartphone shoppers have the highest average order value, followed by those using tablets to do their online shopping.  If you’re going into online retail, you need to be mobile.

Our online stores put you in charge with full control over your products, pricing, discounts, coupons, and order management through an easy-to-use online administration panel.  They can integrate with payment gateways and shipping companies. And like all our websites, they include options for analytics and tracking, search engine optimization, and social media features. Whether you are a home-based business that needs a small online store, are selling services but want to take advantage of multiple prices, discounts, coupons, and loyalty programs, or you are an online vendor using a dropship service with hundreds of items, our online eCommerce and mCommerce stores can get you up and selling quickly and easily.

Contact our Calgary office online or call 403.808.3413 for further information.  We’ll set up your consultation session and get your eCommerce store online so you can start selling!

eCommerce Website

Beauty and Control
Your online store doesn’t need to be big, it just needs to be great!  We’ll help you be great by designing a beautiful online eCommerce store to showcase your products or services that includes a powerful administration panel so you can control every transaction and connect with every client.

The Importance of Mobile eCommerce
With the incredible rise of mCommerce – online shopping from mobile devices – your online store must be ready for mobile shoppers.  Your online store should look great and be easy to use whether they are shopping on their desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet or other mobile device, so you’ll be happy to know that as of 2013, every online store we create is mobile ready. Contact us online or call our Calgary web design office at 403.808.3413 for further information.

  • eCommerce 1

    • consultation session
    • attractive eCommerce website with customized eCommerce template
    • mobile ready
    • includes editing for up to 10 images (includes banners, icons, logos and design images)
    • start with up to 20 items (images, descriptions, pricing)
    • store administration panel (products, pricing, discounts, coupons, order management)
    • shipping options setup
    • online payment setup through PayPal
    • customized order form, confirmation form, thank you form
    • Google analytics
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Social sharing options
    • built-in online help
    • downloadable manual

Trends Mobile & Web Solutions can also customize our online store CMS system beyond what is in this list.  For a custom eCommerce store, please speak with one of our web consultants.  Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 for information or to book a consultation session.

eCommerce Maintenance

eCommerce Maintenance Illustration
Sometimes finding the time to maintain your store is difficult when you have so many things to do in a day!  Our online store maintenance service can help.

Online eCommerce store maintenance includes:

  • content updates
  • product  & pricing updates
  • creation of discount coupons and specials
  • scheduling & sending marketing promotions
  • monitoring sales & delivery records
  • doing software updates
  • provide monthly reports

We’re here to help improve your eCommerce / mCommerce online store sales.  Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 to get started.