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The Alberta Association of Library Technicians wanted a new Web site but wanted to ensure that what they built would meet the needs of their membership and be useful to the library community at large.  They also wanted to improve the navigation, update the look of the site, and provide more services but needed to ensure that what they built could continue to be maintained by volunteers.

This was a special project where Cynthia guided the AALT Web Team to create their new Web site rather than actually creating it.  Her job was to manage the project, assist with training and support for team members, provide direction throughout the project on design, layout, and construction, evaluate and select server locations and vendors, and work with external contractors for the database components of the site.

Based on user studies done at the outset of the project, the site was built to include a number of new features to support their professional community including: dynamic job boards for posting paid and volunteer positions, secure online registration for events and conference pages that would process credit card payments, a self-maintaining database of resource links, and feedback forms for contacting the organization. There was also a large members only site for governing documents, newsletters, and internal communications.

All the new tools and services created can be accessed through a web-browser for maintenance with minimal or no HTML knowledge.

A very unique feature of this project was that it was a volunteer web team that started with little or no experience. The success of the project was recognized with awards and Cynthia, along with one of the volunteers, did conference presentations in Ontario, Calgary, and Monterey, California showcasing this project.

  • Date:Apr 2005
  • Services Provided:
  • Client:Alberta Association of Library Technicians