• MortgagePRO 1

MortgagePRO approached us with a problem that needed a solution.  They had five websites that were not receiving the traffic they expected, so they asked us to review the sites.  We could see that proofing and editing the content would be helpful, but felt that a redesign to update the websites from their 5+ year old designs would really improve their image.  As well, the content was duplicated across all the websites, watering down their expertise and message.  We suggested a complete content reorganization and website redesign for streamlined, fresh looks that would focus on the amazing services they provided, and some basic SEO work that would help bring them qualified traffic.  Once the content was reorganized and fine-tuned, it became four solid and clear websites with distinctly different offerings.  This one is their mortgage brokerage.

A month after launching, we began monitoring statistics.  Compared to the same times frame in the previous year, an average of our three month monitoring showed:

Their unique visits came up 71%, the number of pages viewed per visit came up 84%, the time visitors spent on the site was up 105%, and the “bounce rate” (number of times people came but left right away) was down by 33%.

More visitors, higher quality visitors, and visitors spending more time using the site.  We were thrilled that our website redesign, content reorganization, and basic search optimization was a success!