Social Media Management

Social Media

If you have a business website, you need to have social media connections – it’s no longer an option.  Social media is important to your customers and critical for search engine listings, so you need to make sure your social media is providing just the right mix to satisfy both.  At Trends, you get a social media community manager assigned directly to you.  They will research your business and your competition so they can watch over and guide your social media marketing and networking.  It all starts with a social media consultation to review your current strategy to see what would be the best “next step” – whether that’s to begin or build on what you already have in place.

Our Social Media services include:

  • consultation sessions
  • review and assessment of your current social networking channels and tools (audits)
  • setup of the right social media package for your needs
  • social media planning and marketing campaign strategy
  • developing an interactive social community
  • strategy for positive return social interactions
  • search engine optimization
  • monitoring for success

Contact us online or call our Calgary office to make an appointment and watch the return on your social media marketing!

Social Media Audit

As a small business, it’s critical to know that the time and money you invest in your social media is bringing in a return. Adding social media to your marketing mix can certainly create a lot more work that doesn’t give you a good return – unless you leverage data that helps you work smarter instead of harder. Whether you currently use social media for your business or are wondering whether you should, a social media audit gives you the data you need to make an informed decision on how to make your social media bring value to your business.

Our Social Media Audit provides practical, actionable steps that you can take to get better results – many of which you can then do yourself!

Social Media Audit information

We will

  • review your current social media channels (if you have them already)
  • review any related statistical data for your channels (if you have them)
  • review the channels of your competition
  • clarify your SM strengths and weaknesses
  • provide references to current SM practices that work
  • connect your business goals to your social media efforts
  • provide actionable steps you can take to get better results
  • give you a written report as a reference

Each audit also includes a live consultation session to explain the results of your report.

Contact us online or call our Calgary office to request a social media audit and start working smarter on your social media channels!

Social Media Setup

Whether you are just starting your social media marketing, or are expanding your current social media network, our custom packages will help get you on track. All our social media setup packages include a consultation session and social media audit to help determine the most effective channels and strategy, and then each package is tailored to your needs. Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 for assistance.

  • Social Basic

    • consultation session
    • needs assessment
    • Facebook & Twitter setup
    • branded usernames
    • customized profiles
    • branded Twitter profile
    • branded FB cover photo
    • 1 FB album with up to 10 images*
    • up to 5 videos*
    • first 4 FB posts
    • first 7 Tweets
    • content supplied by client
  • Social Custom

    • consultation session
    • needs assessment
    • custom selection of social media networks
    • branded usernames
    • customized profiles
    • albums and apps
    • creation of first launch promo
    • branded blog
    • content supplied by client
    • content proofreading
    • content edits for optimization
    • research best followers for product / service niche
    • connect initial followers
    • monitoring service setup
    • additional services based on goals and budget
  • *images and video content are provided by client or created as an additional service

Ready to get started? Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 to start engaging and interacting with your customers through social media.

Social Media Maintenance

Having a Facebook or Twitter account won’t help with your marketing efforts if they are not maintained.  The core of social media marketing is consistent maintenance – how your social media is managed. Once you select a social media maintenance package, we assign a social media manager to your account who will help create a plan and a schedule to stay on target, and a way to measure your success.  A successful social media campaign doesn’t just get fans; it results in social communities with real leads that turn into ongoing, repeat customers.

Trends Mobile & Web Solutions can help you build your reach, depth and relationship channels through social media monitoring and management.  Engage your customers, and then keep them. Pricing will vary depending on the number of social media channels, volume of posting requested, and campaign requirements. Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 to set up a social media consultation session.

  • Social Monitoring

    • consultation session
    • needs assessment
    • monitoring tools
    • scheduled posting
    • you write all content
    • we proof, edit, and post on schedule
  • Blog Package

    • consultation session
    • needs assessment
    • branded blog
    • you/we create and contribute content
    • we proof and edit
    • scheduled posting
    • search engine optimization
    • link program development
    • we monitor and remove spam postings
    • monitor and develop social connections
    • provide reports and stats

If you’re ready to get started, we’re ready to help connect you in meaningful ways with your customers using social media.  Contact us online or call our Calgary office at 403.808.3413 and set up a social media consultation today.