Web Maintenance


Need a tune up?


Many business owners are busy doing what they do best – running their business.  But when it comes to website maintenance, that ends up being put off until another day that never comes, but it’s always on the to-do list.  Maintaining your website doesn’t have to be stressful – we can take care of the updates you need.  You can focus on your business and we’ll make sure your site stays fresh and inviting.  Ongoing website maintenance ensures your 24 hour global presence remains professional, timely, and reflects well on you and your business, but we want your website to work for you rather than have you working for it.

All website maintenance packages have a standard turn around time of one week (five business days) from the time of the request.  This allows us to keep package rates reasonable as we can more easily schedule and focus to give your site undivided attention at an appointed time.  Short notice changes and maintenance requests are accepted, but are not included in package rates.

As a part of your website maintenance package, we can:

  • schedule regular updates and backups
  • keep your site looking fresh with new info and images
  • update staff, menus, office hours, and other content
  • provide practical and valuable suggestions to improve your website
  • integrate meaningful social media
  • monitor, track and tweak keywords
  • optimize for revenue generation
  • marketing campaign research, creation, launch, maintenance, review and revisions
  • provide reports and statistics

Contact us online or call our Calgary office to book a consultation session to create a customized website maintenance package with the features you need.