Website statistics: use your web analytics to improve your business

Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 9:49 am

Website Statistics: using web analytics to improve your business

Imagine if you can, a time before the Internet, when businesses had to manually collect data by physically asking customers how they found them or by counting coupons or vouchers they received back from a promotion in order to gauge how successful it was. Basing important business decisions on this data was a little risky because the demographics wouldn’t necessarily be accurate and there was plenty of room for human error with those manual counts, but it was a best guess.

Now, consider that all this work can be done automatically for you using computerized collection with Google Analytics, providing you with accurate, empirical data that you can use to make well informed decisions that will make a bigger and better impact on your business.

More and more business owners are catching on to Google Analytics and how it has become an essential tool that underlines efficiencies and opportunities for growth and customer reach. Your website analytics provide you with statistical data that show you who is visiting your website, what they are doing on your site, how they found your site, what is working best on your website, social media and online advertising, and give you the information you need to tweak and change what you are doing to get better results.

There is an estimated 1.8 zettabytes (that’s a lot) of data floating out there which can be intimidating for anyone to consider, but let’s look a few features of Google Analytics and some ways we can help grow your business using these powerful tools.

Google Analytics is a report based system. It can pump out reports like Hollywood pumps out movies. There’s clearly an abundance of them. The reports we commonly suggest to clients are typically broken down into four main categories:

Audience – who is visiting your site, measured using the following attributes:

  • Sessions: essentially the number of visitors to your site
  • Users: unique visitors to your site
  • Pageviews: number of pages those visitors viewed on your site
  • Pages per Session: average numbers of pages they viewed each time
  • Average Session Duration: amount of time visitors spent on your site
  • Bounce Rate: percentage of visitors who leave your site after visiting one page
  • New Users: percentage of users visiting for the first time

Acquisition – how they are getting to your site, using these 5 avenues:

  • Organic Search: visitors who searched using Google or other search engines
  • Paid Search: visitors from AdWords or other paid search ads
  • Direct: visitors who typed in your URL directly into the search bar
  • Referral: visitors who clicked on a link on another site
  • Social: visitors who came to your site from a social network

Behaviour – what visitors are doing once they arrive to your site, a few reports are below:

  • Site Speed: measures how quickly users are able to see and interact with content
  • Site Search: focuses on how and what visitors are searching once on your site
  • Behavior Flow Chart: follows the path visitors took on their visit, from page to page and when and where they decided to leave
  • Landing Pages: shows the top pages visitors entered your site on, helps you build stronger landing pages

Conversions – have visitors done what you wanted them to do, essentially did they buy?

  • Goals: sets goals (small or big) you’d like to see achieved and follow their succession
  • Ecommerce: tracks visitors’ journey through to checking out and making a purchase
  • Multi-Channel Funnels: shows you the entire journey a visitor took to make a conversion, even if it’s over a week and using different acquisition methods
  • Model Attribution: gives proper credit where credit is due in regards to all the interactions a visitor took with your site

Take a deep breath; it’ll be alright, I swear. That was a lot of information. Yet, this is just small sampling of what Google Analytics can do! As mentioned earlier, Analytics is an extremely efficacious collection of tools that can assist business owners in making well informed decisions that will affect their online presence and in return, their bottom line.

That’s why the Trends Analytics Service is so valuable for our clients.

Order by December 15, 2015 and receive 3 months of customized reports at no cost!

We work with business owners to find out what information would be the most useful to help them improve their business. We then create monthly reports that provide that information in a format that’s easy to read and easy to use. Our goal is for business owners to have the right information to make good business decisions, and your website analytics are an excellent source.

Be confident your decisions are based on solid data rather than guesswork, and watch your business improve! Contact us today for more information and to get your reports running.